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vow of silence

so, todays homework for kabbalah was to take a vow of silence. while its not difficult to be silent at home by my lonesome (all i did was shut my phone off), it was interesting to have the vow in public. i went to yoga and wore this:

thankfully my yoga fam knows and somehow appreciates my freakness. :)

but also i went to ben and chandras for a smoke and that was pretty intense but also funny and i messed up and sort of spoke and that was to correct a  mispronouncement of the name "goethe" . it still makes me smile that 'goethe' was the word that made me make a sound. bizarre! :) ... but anyhow chandra was tossing out some super concepts and i took notes. check it:

one nice visual is the idea that trees on the equator grow straight up and the further away from the equator you go the trees become more billowy as their limbs swoop lower as they reach for the sun at an angle...
also a nice visual is the image of a sequence of leaves growing up the stalk. it is a fractaling as each leaf shows an image of the whole plant...