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plantain remedy

    i need to mention that today i got to talking with one of my most favorite conversation sources about a skin condition i've been meditating on the past few days... i have over 130 mosquito bites... which is truly a new experience. anyhow, she had just finished making a salve for stings and scrapes made from an ordinary local 'weed' called plantain leaf. she soaked a handful of leaves in a jar of olive oil leaving the jar in the sun for the past 3 months. she turned the jar once a week or so and thats it. then last week she strained the oil and mixed it with a bit of beeswax and poured the mix into tins. she specially made me this label with a drawing of the plant as we took a glass of wine and chatted today. i've now tried the salve and am amazed. this stuff works right away. it makes the itching stop and feel just warm. the warm feeling lasts about 15 minutes and the itching on 80% of the spots has stopped for good. which is not too bad for any kinda remedy. chandra, thank you so much.