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So, I havent written any thoughts down in a while. But Ive got the impulse to mention a few things.
So for one,
hey! Im going to be the chef for a yoga retreat/immersion and am pumped to share my passion of vegan cooking with a group of health conscious active people...! Yup... Im psyched! So I'll be posting that in February...
And talking about food, I wanted to put out a friendly reminder of the importance of noticing how foood affects ones mood! I mean Hello!? we are completely in control of this seemingly obscure fact. Some foods are agitating and some foods are calming... some food is just straight up obviously. not. right. Like the saying goes " If Man Made It Don't Eat It!" ... you know? its got truth. I mean O.K fine lets indulge once in a while but recognize if said choice is all you eat! ... geez...
I freak out when I think of how I've ate in the past and my mom was a chef for chriis sakes :) (still is) love you mom!... meaning I was raised eating well... anyhow, now I am an avid food questioner and am so curious about what works to suit needs, desires, fun factor, beauty factor, and also is clean of pesticides and toxins. Dont you put those into your body, its a mean thing to do because then your body has to fight to clean itself back out. No point in going there in the first place...
I guess Im changing.
Im 30 and the precise machine that is my body is getting bit of wear now.
Anyone who knows how to take care of something mechanical knows that to maximize life and longevity you have to fuel it and dress it considerately. Im doing that for me.
So, In the year now that Ive given this subject daily attention I have lost 25 Pounds(!) and kept them off. I no longer have an irritable stomach and have a flow of positive energy and am in control of the waves of depression when they come. (Hey Im human and the world can be a pretty salty (contractive) place... ) LOVE YOUR SELF!