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I just need to quickly make a note of what happened yesterday. Most of you may not know i am currently awaiting payment for 6+ months worth of textile designs i sold... In a last ditch effort towards mediation before court proceedings i contacted my ex employers daughter who is also in the industry and, sending her an email, asked her for help. Then, i recieved a phone call about my car and the inquirer dropped by my house and gave me a cash deposit towards purchasing my car. Well that in itself was enough to excite and overwhelm me. But an hour after i got the deposit, i recieved another phone call in regards to the email i sent and was informed everything would be taken care of very shortly. I feel like i made $16,800 in one day. We will see what happens.
So my point to make is YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THE DAY WILL BRING! and YOU CREATE YOUR WORLD! and i know these two sentences contradict but i dont mind, they are both true to me :)