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"i celebrate myself. and sing myself. and what i assume you shall assume- for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. i loaf and invite my soul. i lean and loaf at my ease observing a spear of summer grass. my tongue, every atom of my blood born from this soil. this air. born here from parents, born here by parents the same and their parents the same, i now 30 (7) years old and in perfect health begin. hoping to cease not till death. "

remembered by emily for 13 years, written by walt whitman in the 'song of myself' poem in leaves of grass.

does anyone have any thoughts on how we grow and change but are still the same in many ways as we live life?

i feel stuck right now in lifes current. i havent been in a good place. i feel powerless often to so many details that feel uncomfortable. ive taken bad advice. ive lost. i mean im not really freaking out or anything because rationally i know i can choose what i focus on but there are times where i let my pain convince my self that living is futile. aw boo. but for real. i get bogged down by heavy reckonings. but i guess everyone feels this way in times of change. i cant support 'corruption of power' anymore and im getting a grip on the many ways 'corruption of power' affects my life. i dont want to be involved. so shifting my sight to a view that is positive, i need a new project. one that is fulfilling in more than just a few of its details. im going to get cool. and my new project is going to be the best sweetest thing yet.