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my cravings.

fresh vegtable broth w blanched spinach & fresh goat cheese

carrot sticks

a rice ball, seaweed salad, & hot sake

a bowl of fresh fruit with lime over plain yogurt & black tea

baked spaghetti squash w maple syrup

homemade fresh cheese ravioli w fresh tomato& basil sauce

chips, salsa & fresh homemade guacamole with lime and cilantro

baked fresh cheese sprouted bread sandwich with sliced tomato & avocado

corn and coconut milk soup with jeweled parsnips

fresh homemade granola with Fage greek yogurt & maple syrup

real hot chocolate w almond & coconut milk

a huge colorful chunky salad w nuts and fresh cheese

mashed potatoes with almond paste? ive got a vision...

black coffee with maple syrup

crushed almond and almond paste cookie

a scoop of frozen banana coconut cream with dark chocolate glaze

the lemonade. :) lemon, maplesyrup, cayenne, water

jeweled roasted beets w fresh goat cheese, walnuts and sipping cognac

fresh lemon, orange and grapefruit juice

fresh roasted garlic lemon and pepper chicken

brown rice w maple syrup and coconut milk

roasted white fish with steamed squash and a glass of white wine

peppermint tea with a hint of lemon