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today is a good day to talk a bit about friends.

friends of mine are thoughtlessly blunt,
are thoughtlessly loving,
thoughtfully loving
a wild intelligence
a feel for sync
they have unhindered unhurried curiosity.
creative in all ways
they speak from their chest.
they are from nowhere
and always find their way back to mystery.

i recently read that 'wealth' is in the friends you have.
in this new year i will make it my constant goal to foster friendships with the good people i know. and without fear shed away aquaintences that hold me down.

here is a burning fire in my heart head and chest. i am a passionate and sensistive person. i have a good heart. i am not selfish. i tread lightly. i appreciate quality. i support local business. i am conscious of how american politics and world financeers have tremendously affected world history. i understand everything changes. i cant stand watching anything suffer. i am a surviver. i am a great friend. i am a good communicator when i feel free. i get distracted.

peace! hey you never know till you know